re|sult1 W1S1 [rıˈzʌlt] n
1¦(happening because of something)¦
3¦(scientific tests)¦
7 get a result
something that happens or exists because of something that happened before
→↑consequence result of
Accidents are the inevitable result of driving too fast.
High unemployment is a direct result of the recession.
end/final/net result
(=the result at the end of a long process)
The net result of all these changes is that schools should be able to deliver a better service to pupils.
Growing plants from seed can produce disappointing results .
With a little effort you should achieve the desired result .
as a result (of sth)
As a result of the pilots' strike, all flights have had to be cancelled.
with the result that
Sara wasn't at school last week, with the result that she missed an important test.
the final number of points, votes etc at the end of a competition, game, or election
The election results will be announced at midnight.
the football results
result of
A lot depends on the result of this match.
the answers that are produced by a scientific study or test
Results suggest that diet is very important.
result of
Police are awaiting the results of a forensic examination.
positive/negative/inconclusive results
The experiments gave positive results in all cases.
the mark you get in an examination
American Equivalent: grade
When do we get our exam results ?
5.) ¦(SUCCESS)¦
the achievement of something
She certainly knows how to get results .
For best results , always use fresh ingredients when you are cooking.
6.) ¦(BUSINESS)¦
results [plural]
the accounts of a business that show how successful it has been over a period of time, usually a year
British Airways has announced disappointing results for the first half of the year.
7.) get a result
BrE informal to win a victory in a sports match
They were lucky to get a result on Saturday.
result 2
result2 W3 v
[Date: 1400-1500; : Latin; Origin: resultare [i]'to jump back, result', from saltare 'to jump']
if something results from something else, it is caused by it
result from
We are still dealing with problems resulting from errors made in the past.
How would you cope with unemployment and the resulting loss of income?
result in [result in sth] phr v
to make something happen
= ↑cause
an accident that resulted in the death of two passengers
result 3
result3 interjection informal
said when you have just done something successfully

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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